…back by popular demand

From Tuesday 12th September  we will again offer a specialised course of morning yoga classes. Two days a week over four weeks for only $120. That’s just $15 per class for this wonderful course that will transform your early mornings.  Members of ASM Yoga Sydney are entitled to a 50% discount ($60).

There are many benefits of starting the day with our morning yoga course:

  • It will keep you grounded and aid rational thinking – making for a peaceful day.
  • It will boost your energy and your energy will last all day.
  • It will increase metabolism, helping you to lose weight, and help you make better food choices throughout the day.
  • Yoga boosts serotonin levels and these feel good hormones will make you happier.
  • It will give you a sense of self empowerment as you have accomplished your practice before your working day.

This course is on every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 am from Tuesday 12th September to Thursday 5th October 2017

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